Saturday, 20 February 2010

Why the silence

So, you have all been very uninspired and despondent without my entries, I am sure, and wondering why.  Tossing and turning all night with concern and perplexity.  Well... I SET FIRE TO MYSELF.

Not out of protest.  Not self immolation.  But stupidity.  It was very cold and my stove was not working so I decided to get it going for the doggies before getting into bed, with a sqirt of household alcohol.  This, I hasten to add is a very common practice.  Whoosh boom a ball of flames and the rest is hospital and bandages.  A very common accident as I was told by the first aid emergency doctor.

The ambulance drivers turned out to be friends and I had a very sweet kind nurse in there with me so it was all quite funny.  We hurtled down the mountain to the Grosseto general hospital which is a vast labyrinthine complex and got lost immediately.  The ambulance men could not find the dermatology ward as it had been moved so we wandered around for ages.  This is me asking passers-by where it was, waiting in the corridor where the men left me.

When I got back home I had to have my hair cut as it had been burnt into a strange Klaus Nomi bouffant.  I am now hairstyled like Mia Farrow/Twiggy/Jean Seberg.  Joan of Arc who managed to get off the stake look.  This is me having my hair cut veiled so the hair does not get into the wounds.  I have to keep wrapped up and must not let the sun touch my face so vampire life for a bit.

I have in the last weeks been through many classic horror characters - The Mummy, Elephant Man,
The Invisible Man.

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