Sunday, 18 October 2009

Olive Harvest

Hot from Pot

We had the first snow on the Amiata mountain this afternoon which is exceptionally early.  A light flaking.  Fires and chesnuts.  Strange to think that only a week ago we were hot and flustered picking grapes for our neighbour down the valley.  Lots of singing and hilarity at the meal afterwards.  Rather ziggy zaggy returns to the castle over the river and I think someone fell in but no one can ascertain the facts.

The olive harvest has started and Lyncurio (the alchemical magical potion) and the new Piropo were decanted.

The greenest dream deep liquid has emerged from the first olive pressing like something from the Wizard of Oz's set for the Emerald City.  Hard work but pleasurable rewards.  Well done everyone... 29 crates maximum!!!   Sooper troopers.   So far 1,800 kilos of olives.  Phew.

We had some tastings and lunches with charming Norwegians and Australians who are very appreciative of all.  It is wonderful to see the joy that Potentino gives to people especially after a few glasses of wine. 

Exciting Extra Glamourous activities - a team from the Italian La Republica magazine, "Io, Donna"  (I, Woman), came to take photos of my very beautiful and graceful mother,  Sally,  as a tribute to her loveliness and achievement.  Clothes racks and make up artists and flashing cameras all day. "Blow Up" at Potentino.  Costantino Ruspoli was the David Bailey of the situation.

Tomorrow we start taking grapes off the vats and continue picking olives.


food tantalisers from Potentino

oyster picnic under the olive trees and wild cyclamen as decoration
cavolo nero and chesnut sauce with short pasta, garlic and chilli
guinea fowl with white wine, black olives and juniper berries
served with a dish of polenta and porcini,  and beans cooked in tomato and  rosemary
farro (spelt) cooked as a risotto (farrotto) with zucchini and wild mint

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